There was a time not so long ago when tiles and wood flooring were the top favourites of Durbanville people. Today, more and more homeowners and commercial property owners show a preference for laminates whenever they want to change their old flooring. Welcome to Laminate Floors Durbanville, the most well known and respected name in the world of flooring.

Laminated floors Durbanville

Do you love hardwood flooring that you have seen and experienced in the house of your friend? Have you resisted the temptation of installing wood flooring only because of its high cost? If yes, then you need to take a look at the modern and innovative vinyl wood flooring.  At Laminate Floors Durbanville, we answer all your doubts regarding laminates as a flooring option.

Very reasonable laminate flooring prices

There is hardly a homeowner who doesn’t like the natural look and feel of wood flooring. It is only after learning about the exorbitant pricing of hardwood flooring that many homeowners develop cold feet. If you are one of these homeowners, we have an excellent solution in wood laminate at Laminate Floors Durbanville.

Laminated floors Durbanville

Laminates look and feel just like natural wood. Made from high-density fibreboard, they are far more manageable in installation and need little care and maintenance. These laminates are not only cheaper than hardwood flooring but installing laminate flooring is also a breeze. At Laminated Floors Durbanville, we have experienced installers who can install laminated flooring and transform your interiors’ looks in less than a day.

Variety of laminated wood flooring

Many government establishments decide in favour of epoxy flooring because of its superlative strength and natural feel. It can be installed to cover large surfaces in places like airports, railway stations, and auditoriums.   However, we have laminate flooring specials at Laminated Floors Durbanville to cater to all our customers’ requirements. 

Are you worried about the suitability of laminated flooring in your kitchen? Do you believe it will not last long because of all the liquids that get spilled on the kitchen floor? There is no need to worry as we have an entire range of kitchen laminate flooring, keeping in mind our esteemed clients’ doubts. The fact that we have solutions for our customers is responsible for the love and the confidence Laminate Floors Durbanville enjoys.

Laminate solutions in different colors and textures

At Laminated Floors Durbanville, we understand that different customers have different tastes in terms of colours and textures they want in their flooring. Not all customers are satisfied with the brown colour of the laminates that are available in the market. For such customers, we have an exciting range of grey laminate flooring.

Parquet flooring is another type of wood flooring trendy among customers. At Laminate Floors Durbanville, we have the latest and beautiful patterns and shades in parquet flooring available for our customers. For places with icy climatic conditions throughout the year, laminated flooring has provision for underfloor heating. We also provide laminate floor repairs at very reasonable prices.